Horley Conservation Group Back in business after Covid restrictions eased – June 20th 2021

Thank you to Judith and Trevor W, Ian P, Maggie H, David and Mariotte H and Richard F, for joining in on a somewhat damp Summer’s morning…we’re pleased to say that we didn’t find much Himalayan balsam along the southern edge of the Burstow Stream at Tanyard Meadows this month and the patches that we did see along the northern bank were very much reduced compared to previous years, so we are confident that this is largely down to our efforts over the past few years there and extra special thanks must go to Ian P and Catherine B for all their extra efforts in their own time as well, it is very much appreciated!

We will have another session of this next month, although the exact spot will need to be checked out and confirmed before July’s session (it might be by the foot-bridge at Keeper’s Cottage).

A few photo’s were taken which will be on our Facebook page soon hopefully and it was great to see the meadows un-cut (apart from the paths) and teeming with insects despite the damp weather…I am going to try and re-visit these fields later this Summer for a closer look, but in the meantime, please let us know if you see anything interesting and/or want to share photos, need help with identifying a certain Beetle/Butterfly etc.

The area that we re-seeded a few years ago is bursting with Ox-eye Daisies at the moment and I am talking to David at RBBC about how we might try to encourage them to spread a bit more, so watch this space…In the mean-time, please do get in touch if you have any questions, either about the group, or what tasks YOU want us to do in the next year or so to increase bio-diversity in Horley.

Finally for now, a warm welcome back to Jan S, Dave and Mariotte and Jim M and sorry that it has taken us a while to receive your registration forms!

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