Upcoming task events

A list of upcoming events to get involved in.

Autumn Meeting – 7th October 2019

The Autumn HCG evening meeting will take place at the Trinity Oaks Primary School on Monday 7th October at 6pm‚ĶFriends and family are welcome to attend and if you have anything to add to the agenda before please contact the group via email

September 2019

Saturday September 14th Riverside Garden Park, stream clearance work. Meet at 09.45hrs

Along with volunteers from the Horley Piscatorial Society, we will be starting on the scrub clearance work along the bank of the Gatwick Stream to let more light in to the stream for fish and other (aquatic) wildlife. There is a 3 hour time limit at RGP car park, so if you think that you will be there for longer than this ask Kevin Lerwill for a permit when you arrive

Other volunteering opportunites

For details of extra tasks at Gatwick Airport, please email thomassimpson@sussexwt.org.uk 
(or call 07825 797521)

(Tel: 01403 269384)

(Tel: 01293 542088) 

Our email: 

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