Riverfly Invertebrate Monitoring Workshop

Group training activity to enable local conservation volunteers to monitor water quality in our rivers and streams

Under the leadership of a Riverfly instructor and support from members of the environmet agency and local wildlife trusts about 12 Horley Conservation Group volunteers put on their waders and took to the Gatwick Stream in search of invertebrates. The theory is that high quality waterways have a thriving population of invertebrates. Where the levels of invertebrates are diminished there is a high likelihood of polution. 

Invetebrate river monitoring is the first time such a widescale approach to the health of our waterways has been undertaken at a truely local level. Once we (Horley Conservation Group) hav assessed our local waterways we will have a base level of invertebrate activity against which to monitor the ongoing health of the water. 

All our information will be forwarded to the environment agency in order to help them achieve the EU on clean water by 2027.

The group has purchased all the necessary equipment, has risk assesment sheets to complete for the areas to be monitored, species identifying aids and reporting sheets. 

We expect the monitoring to begin later thos month (April 2017) and continue at a frequency and at locations agreed with the environment agency.

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