Tanyard Meadows


Update on actions and plans of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council – December 2018

Subject: Tanyard Meadows

The following updates relate to progress with the work at Tanyard Meadows as of December 2018

  • All the Meadows have now been cut – the Scrub field (Two Acre Meadow) and Fieldbank Drive land parcel (Common Field) have been left uncut apart from the ditch edges to prepare them for clearing. SWT will provide guidance on long term management. 
  • All ditch lines have  been prepared for vegetation clearance after Christmas  – long term the vegetation will be cleared more selectively to enhance the ditch habitat as guided by SWT.
  • Footpath encroachments have been cut back to the path edges.
  • Hedges along the central path have been lowered to address footpath encroachment and to open up views of the landscape to adjacent houses. The mature hedge lines that run between the fields have not been scheduled into any work programme as of yet, careful consideration will be given to how we manage them and we’ll take guidance from SWT.
  • Areas of long rough grassland bordering the houses have been mown shorter to provide amenity space and to address fly tipping of garden waste. The longer grass was being used to hide garden waste being thrown over the fences.
  • Debris including fencing, scrap metal and polythene sheeting have been removed from the site.
  • The bund that borders Rail field next to Fieldbank Drive has been repaired to provide protection against traveller incursions.

A future work programme is still to be written but I look forward to your involvement in the future conservation and development of Tanyard Meadows.           

Also I will be installing some signage the Fieldings this week.

Kind regards

David Watts

Countryside and Woodland Officer

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

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  1. Lauren says:

    My local council failed on three occasions to collect my waste, I ended up using a man and the van rubbish clearance service I found on Facebook, it cost me £35 and the damn guy fly tipped the waste. I ended up going to court and being fined as it was my fault for not making sure the guy was a registered waste carrier. I urge anyone wishing to have waste removed to check that the company you hire has a waste carriers licence issued by the UK environment agency. You can check to see if a business is registered here https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/search-waste-carriers-brokers

    Also check to see if they are registered with AFTA, the anti fly-tipping association which you can check here https://www.afta.org.uk/

    Last thing you want to do is be taken to court and prosecuted and end up with a criminal record. Be very wary when hiring these man and van type services to clear your waste.


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