Committee Minutes 28 Jan 2019


Minutes of Horley Conservation Group (HCG) Committee

Meeting 28th January 2019
6.00pm Monday 28th January 2018 Farmhouse Pub, Horley

Present: Kevin Lerwill GGP (KL), Bill Chaffe-Secretary (BC), Catherine Baart – Joint Chairperson (CB), Jan Spratt – Joint Chairperson (JS), Mike Botcherby – Treasurer (MB), David Watts – RBBC (DW)

Minute RefCONTENTAction and Timescale
2019/01Horley Town Park – Basis for designationDavid Watts confirmed that no decision has yet been taken on the future designation of Tanyard Meadows. For HCG the preferred designation would be Local Nature Reserve.CB to prepare a paper for HCG to submit to RBBC
2019/02Surrey Wildlife Trust recommendationsThese will be encompassed within the paper being prepared by CB – see 2019/01
The initial brief for SWT was to carry out plant, invertebrate, animal and reptile surveys.The 5 year RBBC management plan will implement everything that SWT has suggested with due respect to the historical importance of the entire site. The intention is to enhance the wildlife levels across the area. The fields will initially be mown twice a year and the cuttings left in situ in the early years until unwanted contaminant plant species have disappeared. After this the fields will be managed as hay meadows, mown and the cuttings removed to enhance wildflower diversity.
RBBC to implement the agreed 5 year plan
2019/03Riverside Green Chain Conservation GrazingThese will be encompassed within the paper being prepared by CB – see 2019/01
RBBC are of the view that grazing is probably not best suited to this area due to the flood risk and popularity of the area with local dog walkers
2019/04HCG Tool ContainerThe case for this has been agreed and all signed off. Money is now available. Tool container- KL to obtain access to allotments from Horley Town Council once the new shipping container has been confirmed by RBBC.1. DW to arrange ordering and siting of the container asap2. KL to arrange access once sited
2019/05Spring and Summer TasksKL to arrange site visit (with DW and CB) to RGC in late Feb or early March to coincide with identifying suitable volunteer tasks for the Spring and Summer (and beyond).KL to finalise after site visit
2019/06The Fieldings Community Orchard Mowing RegimeHCG volunteers to rake and bag up cuttings after the Spring and Autumn cuts (ready for collection by RBBC).HCG on agreed dates
2019/07AOBRiverfly Surveys – To be discussed at AGMRBBC Twitter Page – HCG can share photo’s etc via #MyRBBCHorley Wildlife Ranger Sessions – Run by GGP takle place on the 3rdSaturday of each month at Roll’s Field, Gatwick (12-16 year olds). Contact Thomas Simpson if you would like any more details ( of Dog Poo – This is a growing issue across the area. More bins are to be provided by RBBC. There will also be seating provided to enhance the area views for walkers. There is a RBBC Dog Warden who will be seen ion the area on occasions. It is hoped that the actions / presence of the warden will encourage dog owners to pick up.HCG Minutes – to be published on website once approvedAGM – Date confirmed as Monday 25th March at the Trinity OaksPrimary School, Horley. Commencing at 6pm.BC add to agenda

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