Committee Minutes 07 Oct 2019 (Unapproved)

6.00pm Monday 07 October 2019  Trinity Oaks CoE Primary School

Present: Kevin Lerwill GGP (KL), Bill Chaffe-Secretary (BC), Simon Marshall HTC (SiM),Maggie Heisse(MH), Catherine Baart (CB), Brian Seaman (BS), Bob Fromant (BF), Jan Spratt (JS).

Apologies:                  David Watts, Ian Preddy and Jim Marsh

2019/27Minutes and Actions from AGM Meeting 25 March 2019: 

2019/11   No confirmed information received to date

2019/13   RBBC will be supplying 2 hay rakes2019/16   Done2019/17   Hay rakes (see above)                  No confirmed info received to date on the plans to connect the NE     and NW sector developments2019/18   Done2019/21   

2019/28Treasurers Report (verbal) Treasurer not present – no report received Update received from Mike Botcherby – Regarding the finances, there is very little to report on this year. In particular there has been no expenditure or fundraising carried out. We do however still have £560 available to spend in the HCG account, of which £290 is earmarked for any spend agreed for the community orchard. All ideas for areas to spend the funds on,  or future fundraising ideas most welcome. 

 2019/29 Task Programme for Spring / Summer 2019:This was discussed and is published on the group website and facebook pages. Increasingly the group will concentrate on the riverside green chain.BF has offered to prune the community orchard trees this winter. 

 2019/30 Update on Riverside Green Chain: Given by David WattsDavid was unable to be present but sent in a report. This is detailed below.The Fieldings  A mixture of Tulips and Daffodil bulbs will arrive 21st October for planting at the Fieldings. Collection from Earslwood Depot will be required. Contact DW to make arrangements hopefully fit in with rake collection as well. Tanyard Meadows  A Summer cut was undertaken in Sep  – wildflower in meadows in increasing.Interpretation signs have been ordered – need to finalise graphics and wording internally.No update on Byelaws, an application to Secretary of State will be made but still waiting for internal legal advice.Conservation works over the autumn and winter period have been scheduled.Proposals to carry out Sycamore thinning, dead hedging and install interpretation board around Scotchman Copse Tanning Pond has been sent to Historic England for consideration. Am awaiting any required pre app advice from the Inspector.The temporary fencing along spine path next to Puddle Duck Barn near Lake Lane is due to be removed by Barratts. A planning application by the owners to erect a wooden fence along the path edge has been approved by the LPA. See details of RBBC Planning webpage. Ref number  19/00632/HHOLD.

 2019/31 Bird BoxesThe group has received a request from Carol Fenton at Horley Town Council to replace damaged bird boxes at Emlyn Meadows. This sits nicely with a request made to RBBC by the group for the siting of swift nesting boxes at the Acres community centre using section 106 monies.

  2019/32 AOB:

1. Suggestion to request that RBBC consider tree planting along the length of Orchard Drive in line with info on the following web pages(s)

2. Carnival 2020 – info received and CB agreed to take this forward

3. Lighting for Acres spinal path – Horley walkie talkies walking group have suggested that this would be a good idea. The group disagreed as it would undoubtedly affect wildlife and increase light pollution. The area of Tanyard meadows is being developed as a wildlife habitat so its important not to compromise that aim. 

4. Stile / bridge repairs – BC raised this concern and asked for advice on detailing the location of such stiles to the council. A GPS App was mentioned and will be used.

5. Continuing problem of people not ‘picking up’ when their dog had pooed and the continual littering of the area. Info boards etc would help this.  

 2019/33 Date and time of next meeting:This will be the AGM on Monday 02 March 2020 – venue and time to be confirmed but likely to be 6pm at Trinity Oaks School. 

 Points raised to RBBC via KL after the meeting.  Hi David, Just a few questions from the meeting last Monday; There was a question (a few months ago now) about the possibility of a couple of Swift boxes being purchased and fitted to the exterior of the new Acres Community Centre (Swifts used to nest in the area, so this would be an attempt to encourage them back again).   Q. Is this something that RBBC would support and can we get permission to try a couple? Q. If so, can they be purchased through S106 funds (or existing Council budgets), or would the HCG need to contribute something towards them? There was a request recently from RBBC for ideas on how best to use S106 funding (Community Infrastructure Levy fund); The HCG suggested that some of this funding could be used to plant native trees along Orchard Drive and/or along the new roads currently being built that will eventually link up the first and second stages of the Riverside Green Chain, to act as green corridors for wildlife. Signage. The HCG is aware that new signage/interpretation boards are in the process of being designed and made up, but there is growing concern about the lack of any signage on site and the resulting increase in dog fouling (and owners not cleaning up afterwards).  Q. The HCG would like to know if any enforcement officers are currently patrolling the area and if the new signage will include the by-laws relating to dog fouling (and other anti-social activities), or whether separate notices need to be installed separately and sooner?    Q. Finally for now, is there a hotline for people to call if they see any anti-social behaviour, including dog fouling? 

Response from RBBC to the above issues: Hi Kevin I know the Conservation Officer was supportive of bird boxes I do not know whose permission is needed as it is not a Greenspace, the building is owned by the Council and leased. Perhaps the local Cllr could contact the property team. I would not know if S106 would cover this again the local Cllr should know. I’ll speak to the Tree Officer about tree planting as I do not know. The new signage will cover these points any asb should be reported to the out of hours council number 0151 221 2938 or the Joint Enforcment Team online via this link The dog warden does make visits but she has a large area to cover as does the JET team. 

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