AGM Minutes 25th March 2019 (Unapproved)


Minutes of Horley Conservation Group (HCG) AGM6.00pm Monday 25th March 2019 Trinity Oaks CoE Primary School

Present: Kevin Lerwill GGP (KL), Bill Chaffe-Secretary (BC), Samantha Marshall HTC (SM), Judith Walker (JW), Trevor Walker (TW), ), Mike Botcherby (MB), Maggie Heisse(MH), Catherine Baart (CB), Catherine McNab (CMc)

Apologies: Jim Marsh, Valerie Marshall

Minute RefCONTENTAction and Timescale
2019/08Those Present: Kevin Lerwill (KL), Jan Spratt (JS) Joint Chairperson, Catherine Baart (CB) Joint Chairperson, Bill Chaffe (BC) Secretary, Mike Botcherby (MB) Treasurer, Ian Preddy (IP), Stuart Paton (SP), Simon Marshall (SM) Horley Town Council, Maggi Heisse (MH), Brian Seaman (BS), Bob Fromant (BF), David Watts (DW) RBBC, Judith Walker (JW), Trevor Walker (TW), Mariotte Perrett (MP), David Hampson (DH)
2019/09Introductions: None
2019/10Apologies for Absence: Graham Knight
2019/11Minutes and Actions from Committee Meeting 28 Jan 2019:2019/01 Paper sent to RBBC by CB and reply received. It is not the intention to designate Tanyard Meadows as a Town Park.
However, HCG have asked that any section 106 structures that may be erected in the future e.g. tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment etc to the south (house side) of the spinal path. The north side of the spinal path is to be maintained as an open area for both wildlife benefit and the responsible use by dog walkers and others. DW agreed and said he would seek confirmation from Peter Boarder at RBBC2019/04 Monies for tool container are approved and an order will be put in at the start of the new financial year. Lead in time is unknown but will be available during summer 2019.
2019/07 (4) Bins have been provided. RBBC will be walking the borough dog warden around the area over the coming weeks. The dog warden will then visit on an unannounced basis throughout the year in an effort to encourage dog owners to use the provided poo bins.
DW to seek confirmation from Peter Boarder that any s106 structures would be kept to the house side of the spinal path
2019/12Minutes and actions from AGM held 19 Feb 2018:2018/03 Insurance for the tool container was discussed. The group decided that the limited access would not necessitate insurance at this time. This may be reviewed in the future.
The minutes of the AGM Feb 2018 were accepted by all present who had been at that meeting.
2019/13Treasurers Report:MB presented the accounts for the last 12 months. There is a healthy balance with approximately £300 allocated for use within the community orchard at the Fieldings and £300 for general activities.
Some tools e.g. hay rakes would be needed for future management of tanyard meadows. MB to seek funding from RBBC
Action: MB to be advised on tool funding from RBBC See 2019/07 below
2019/14Election of HCG Committee:Current committee were all happy to continue. Those present re-elected the committee unopposed.
2019/15Review of Financial Policy and Constitution:Both policies were accepted without changes for another 12 months.
2019/16Task Programme for Spring / Summer 2019:KL provided information on the group tasks for Spring and Summer 2019. These tasks would be added to the website by BC and also advertised via Facebook.
Sunday April 14th Circular walk / litter pickSunday May 12th Hay raking / litter pick or circular walk
Sunday June 16th Himalayan Balsam removal on Burstow stream Sunday July 14th Himalayan Balsam removal on Burstow stream Saturday August 17th Hay raking in the community orchard
Saturday September 14th Riverside Garden Park, stream clearance work
Action: BC to advertise task diary on website and social media
2019/17Update on Riverside Green Chain: Given by David WattsHedge gaps to be filled in from September onwardsWork will be undertaken to protect the reed field from dog walkersSafety rails have been erected around swales and seasonal pondsTanyard meadows will have a spring cut in the next month or twoTool container (new) will be ordered at start of new financial yearKL asked about monies being available for purchase of hay rakes. DW will ask at RBBC
CB asked about the proposed means of connecting east and west Horley developments.Future plans that were mentioned are• • • • •Tree planting along the length of Orchard drive New Community Orchard at Pear Tree Hill
Hedge planting in a variety of areas
Bulb planting at the Fieldings community orchard Pond diggingIf you
documents by clicking on the below link;want to read more about the current plans for the Riverside Green (or have not read these before), then you can access the relevant
DW to ask RBBC about monies for hay rakes and advise of the outcome.DW to ask about future plans to connect E and W Horley green chain areas.
2019/18Group Publicity Strategy:Membership are happy with the current publicity streams of the group. CB will put the Conservation Group forward for inclusion in the voluntary action organisation list for Reigate and BansteadCB to take lead on Horley carnival,
2019/18Group Publicity Strategy:Membership are happy with the current publicity streams of the group. CB will put the Conservation Group forward for inclusion in the voluntary action organisation list for Reigate and Banstead
CB happy to arrange for a stall at the Horley Carnival
HCG have been invited to attend the Gatton Country Fayre (7th July 2019)
CB to take lead on Horley carnival, Gatton Country Fayre and the R&B voluntary organisation listing.
2019/19Storage Facility Update:See Item 2019/17 above
2019/20Community Orchard future management:The area is due to be cut March and August each year.
2019/21River Monitoring Update:Regularly performed by KL on Gatwick stream and BC on Burstow stream Riverfly are happy to hold a further training session if the group so wishesKL to coordinate a riverfly training session.
2019/22AOB:RBBC to provide seating along spinal pathRBBC will add signage and information boards to Tanyard meadowsSP introduced himself and his affiliatiuon to the Langshott and AcresPuppies and Dogs Group.
2019/23Date and time of next meeting:Next Committee meeting 6pm 7th October 2019AGM : March 2020KL to confirm dates, times and venues

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