2018 report

What has the group been up to in 2018

The Horley Conservation Group (HCG) maintained a full programme of monthly tasks designed to maintain and enhance some of the green spaces mainly around the North East sector of the town.  Unfortunately there were two occasions when tasks were cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Task have been undertaken on at least one occasion at the following locations

  • Langshott Woods
  • Riverside
  • Tanyard Ponds
  • Emlyn Meadows
  • The Fieldings Community Orchard

The group has continued to try and control the spread of invasive rhododendrum plants in Langshott Woods and this will continue each year. Coppicing, thinning of saplings and clearance of fallen willows has been undertaken at Riverside and Tanyard Ponds where a litter pick has also been carried out. 

The summer months of June and July concentrated on Himalayan Balsam removal in two locations (Emlyn Meadows and North of Tanyard Meadows) along the Burstow stream.

Towards the end of 2018 the group spent two sessions at the new Community Orchard in the Fieldings. A few more fruit trees and some smaller bushes were planted in prepared ground to complete the planting of this area. Discussions have been held with RBBC about mowing this area and local residents have been kept informed. 

Monthly Riverfly surveys have been performed throughout 2018. These surveys have been carried out on both the Gatwick and Burstow Streams and the information forwarded to a national database. 

Late in 2018 the land referred to as Tanyard Meadows was legally transferred into the care of RBBC. There is an agreed management plan for this land and it is envisaged that HCG will play a part in the ongoing maintenance of this area. 

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