What we do

Pond maintenance, control of unwanted vegetation e.g. Himalayan Balsam or Rhododendrons, hedgerow maintenance, litter picking, water quality monitoring of our local water courses 

Litter picking


Rubbish clearance

Pond maintenance

Control of unwanted vegetation

Hedgerow maintenance

All tasks meet at 0945 for 10am start. Please wear outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. Tools and instruction provided. For details contact kevinlerwill@sussexwt.org.uk 
or call 01293 550730

Projects areas include

Langshott Woods

Tanyard Pond

Emlyn Meadows

Brook Wood

Wheatfield balance pond

Jennings Way Pond

Maintenance of Community Orchard at The Fieldings

Riverfly water monitoring at two points on the Burstow Stream

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