Tree Health at Tanyard Pond

When we were working at Tanyard Pond recently, I noticed that one of the tall mature Beech Trees near the entrance was showing signs of fairly advanced internal decay

This has since been confirmed by a local Mycologist as being Meripilus giganteus, a species of fungus which can attack the root crown and can make the tree more liable to toppling. Because this is a large, tall tree close to the entrance to Tanyard Pond and the neighbouring houses, the local authority responsible for the tree (Reigate and Banstead Borough Council) have since assessed the tree and have come to the conclusion that, for Health and Safety reasons, the tree does need to be felled as soon as operationally possible by their contractors. RBBC have requested that if any of the Horley Conservation Group live near to Tanyard Pond, specifically, near the entrance off of Langshott, to please kindly inform any friends, family or neighbours that also live near the front entrance to Tanyard Pond that this tree felling work will be taking place soon and that this is a necessary precaution to ensure public safety.

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