Minutes 08 October 2018

Draft minutes to be approved at AGM 2019 – date to be confirmed

Minutes of Horley Conservation Group (HCG) Meeting 8thOctober 2018

6.00pm Monday 8thOctober 2018  Trinity Oaks CoE Primary School

Present: Kevin Lerwill GGP (KL), Bill Chaffe-Secretary (BC), Simon Marshall HTC (SmM), Judith Walker (JW),  Trevor Walker (TW), ), Mike Botcherby (MB), Maggie Heisse(MH), Catherine Baart (CB), Jan Spratt (JS), Bob Fromant (BF), David Watts RBBC (DW), Mariotte Perrett (MP), David Hampson (DH)

MinuteRefCONTENTAction andTimescale
2018/17Introductions: All introduced themselves to the meeting
2018/18Apologies for Absence: Jim Marsh, Samanatha Marshall, Ian Preddy
2018/19Minutes and actions from meeting held 19 February 2018 – Agreed as a true record and can be published to the website Action BC
2018/20Matters Arising for minutes of 19 February 2018.  All actions complete except bulb planting which is discussed later in these minutes 2018/26
2018/21Treasurers Report: Reserves of between five and six hundred pounds designated for upkeep and further development of the community orchard at the Fieldings.  Also the general fund has approximately £300 available for ongoing / future projects.
2018/22Autumn / Winter 2018 / 20019 task update has been published and is on the website. KL to laminate copies and pin up new lists in the usual placesAction: KL to laminate and pin up task list for autumn/winter 2018/19.
2018/23Riverside Green Chain Update. This was delivered by DW from RBBC. 1.     Site adjacent to the Acres has now been adopted by RBBC2.     Fields to be managed and ditches / swales to be cleared3.     Survey of reptiles, flowers etc has been completed and the reports are awaited before further management of these areas is considered.4.     Tree survey done and trees will be managed in line with health and safety requirements e.g. take out dead trees near footpaths etc5.     Site interpretation boards to be supplied in due course6.     Litter bins to be sited along the main pathway – seats will also be considered at the suggestion of the HCG.7.     RBBC to liaise and work with the environment agency to improve the flow of the Burstow stream.8.     Final designation of the area has yet to be confirmed – possibly town or country park. The group were rather disappointed to learn that the area may be designated as a town park rather than a country park. JS was to look into this. SmM also added that he would investigate the input that Horley Town Council might have to the decision on designation.Action Point 8: JS and SmM to take this forward with appropriate persons/depts
2018/24Tools and Storage Container UpdateThis can now be progressed as RBBC have adopted the lands.  The container funding and siting has been agreed and will proceedAction: David Watts from RBBC
2018/25Community Orchard Project Update1.     The trees planted a year ago are well established.2.     Road border to be planted as suggested by KL and hopefully done in December 2018.3.     Ongoing management of the area to be agreed with RBBCNumber and type of plants to be agreed and purchased by KL, CB, JS, MBAction: KL to draw up a proposal for the ongoing management of the orchard area
2018/26AOB1.     Spring bulbs for the orchard area to be supplied by RBBC and from HCG funds.2.     Wheatfield Way balance pond update: Thames water have confirmed that this area will be fenced off for the foreseeable future due to the continued presence of an invasive pond weed.3.     A suggestion was made that the group should consider entering the appropriate category in the 2019 South East in Bloom competition4.     CB added that she wished HCG to be ambitious in their plans to support wildlife in the newly adopted land area with the suggestion that we aim for the Wildlifes Trust Biodiversity Benchmark Award for corporately owned land5.     JS and CB attended Trinity Oaks School Fete in July offering a hands on printing activity for children using flowers. A steady stream of visitors attended the stall and were given information about HCGAction: RBBC and HCG to supply bulbs for planting this seasonAdded after meeting had closed
2018/27Date, Time and Venue of next meeting: February / March 2019 at the Trinity Oaks School. Exact date and time to be confirmed.


Country Parks

Country Parks are statutorily declared and managed by local authorities in England and Wales under the Countryside Act 1968 and in Scotland under the Countryside (Scotland) Act 1967 (in Northern Ireland Country Parks exist as a non-statutory designation).  They are primarily intended for recreation and leisure opportunities close to population centres and do not necessarily have any nature conservation importance. Nevertheless, many are in areas of semi-natural habitat and so form a valuable network of locations at which informal recreation and the natural environment coexist.

There is no definition of “Town Park” in the JNCC’s list. However, Telford “Town Park” is also a Local Nature Reserve. I suggest we push for (some of) the land to be designated a Local Nature Reserve:

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) (in England, Scotland and Wales)/ Local Authority Nature Reserves (LANRs) (in Northern Ireland)

Under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 LNRs may be declared by local authorities after consultation with the relevant statutory nature conservation agency.  LNRs are declared and managed for nature conservation, and provide opportunities for research and education, or simply enjoying and having contact with nature.

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