Gatwick Stream Litter Pick

Organised by Horley Piscatorial Society and supported by Horley Conservation Group

Posted on Feb 05, 2019

February 3rd 2019

Horley Piscatorial Society organised a litter pick along the Gatwick Stream between the footbridge in the car park and the confluence downstream - near the main road.  Countless bags of plastic bottles, cans, old bedding and general rubbish along with old suitcases, trolleys and lino were collected and deposited in the car park as agreed with RBBC Greenspaces team. A collection was booked in prior to the event for Monday 04.02.19.

Members of Horley Conservation Group were in attendance making this one of several conservation tasks now jointly undertaken between the two groups.  The club extends its sincere thanks to the volunteers within HCG for their continued help and support.