Projects include

Langshott Woods; Tanyard Pond;
Emlyn Meadows; Brook Wood;
Wheatfield balance pond; Jennings Way Pond


What we do

Pond maintenance,
control of unwanted vegetation
e.g. Himalayan Balsam or Rhododendrons, hedgerow maintenance, litter picking

Coming in 2017: water quality monitoring of our local water courses

                           Community Orchard to be planted at The Fieldings, Langshott 

Upcoming events


Sunday 17th September - The Fieldings (off Wheatfield Way) Horley: Preparatory work for community orchard planting


Planting of the Community Orchard at The Fieldings, Langshott.

The main aims of the group are to:

  • To assist with the management of Tanyard Meadows, but also other open spaces in Horley, for the benefit of nature conservation and local amenity value.
  • Encourage the goodwill and involvement of the local community.
  • To foster a wider community spirit in Horley, which in turn can help to reduce local crime and, or anti-social behaviour.

Langshott Woods

Controlling the number of rhododendron plants within the wood so that native plant species have a better chance to flourish.

Tanyard Pond

Keeping the willow population coppiced/removed as well as to provide encouragement for the native wildlife to flourish

Emlyn Meadows

Creation and maintenance of a wildflower area as well as keeping the area litter free.

Brook Wood / Burstow Stream

Controlling of Himalayan Balsam plants in the area of the Burstow Stream as it runs through Brook Wood and beyond.

Wheatfield balance pond

A Thames Water feature, the main initiative is to control the willow invasion in a way that allows more light in and so encourages wildlife to flourish.

Jennings Way Pond

A lovely natural area very close to the local neighbourhood. The main activity is to keep the undergrowth controlled.

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